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China has a thriving music video industry that produces a wide range of music videos across different genres. These music videos often incorporate creative visuals and storytelling. Here are some notable music videos from China:

  1. Jay Chou – “青花瓷” (Blue and White Porcelain): This music video by the Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jay Chou features a blend of traditional and modern Chinese elements. It tells a love story set against the backdrop of ancient China and features stunning cinematography.
  2. Faye Wong – “红豆” (Red Bean): Faye Wong is a legendary Chinese singer, and this music video showcases her unique style. It combines surreal and dreamlike visuals with Faye Wong’s haunting vocals.
  3. Kris Wu – “November Rain”: Kris Wu is a Chinese-Canadian artist known for his hip-hop and R&B music. “November Rain” features stylish visuals and a cinematic narrative, making it visually captivating.
  4. G.E.M. – “光年之外” (Light Years Away): G.E.M. is a popular Chinese singer known for her powerful vocals. The music video for “光年之外” features stunning special effects and a futuristic storyline.
  5. TFBOYS – “青春修炼手册” (Manual of Youth): TFBOYS is a famous Chinese boy band, and this music video reflects the youthful spirit of their music. It’s colorful, energetic, and aimed at a younger audience.
  6. Li Yuchun – “红衣女孩” (The Red Dress): This music video by Li Yuchun, also known as Chris Lee, features artistic and avant-garde visuals. It’s known for its bold and unconventional style.
  7. Wang Leehom – “你不知道的事” (The Things You Don’t Know): Wang Leehom is a versatile artist who incorporates Chinese culture into his music. This music video combines traditional Chinese instruments with modern pop elements.
  8. Jane Zhang – “Dust My Shoulders Off”: Jane Zhang is known for her powerful voice and international collaborations. “Dust My Shoulders Off” features an animated world where famous paintings come to life.
  9. Wu Qingfeng – “成全” (Fulfillment): Wu Qingfeng, formerly of the band Sodagreen, is known for his emotional lyrics. This music video features a heartfelt story about love and sacrifice.
  10. Nine Percent – “Rule Breaker”: Nine Percent was a temporary Chinese boy group formed through the reality show “Idol Producer.” “Rule Breaker” is a high-energy music video showcasing their performance skills.

These music videos offer a glimpse into the diverse and creative music scene in China, where artists often blend traditional and contemporary elements to create visually striking and emotionally resonant videos.