“Adentify” is the new find from ABCSearch and it is here to pay! ABCSearch fosters cost-effective search business for advertisers and publishers!

ABCSearch, the world’s largest privately held meta-search engine handles over 85 million searches a day across its distribution channels and network of Meta Crawlers.

Currently, ABCSearch connects thousands of advertisers with millions of consumers. By displaying ABCSearch’s sponsored listings they pay their partners a portion of the generated revenue. ABCSearch is expanding their network of quality distribution channels, building out a steady advertiser base and also rolling out their new software termed ‘Adentify’.

Adentify: The catalyst to targeted advertising

‘Adentify’ is a new software that relevantly connects advertisers with ABCSearch’s network of content publishers. Advertisers can target consumers by displaying their ads across ABCSearch’s network of content publishers. Content publishers earn revenue by displaying ABCSearch’s text-ads on their websites. Every time ABCSearch’s text ads are displayed their system automatically generates ads that are relevant to the site’s content. Adentify software has been developed using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to automatically recognize the content of a web page accurately and in real-time without the need of human interaction.

Adentify benefits both advertisers and publishers. Results in –

• Reduced Cost and Increased Revenue
• Targeted ads
• Flexible Bidding
• Efficient Results
• Comprehensive Reporting
• Smart and Quick Money

ABCSearch’s is an ideal partner program which fosters a steady income stream and maximizes revenue potential by displaying its sponsored listings on your website. Benefits of the program can be enjoyed while maintaining your website’s branded look and feel. Its online account interface provides accurate and detailed statistics that are updated on a daily basis. Timely payments are made via check, pay pal or wire transfer on a net 45 basis.

Partners benefit from:

• Extra income from the existing website
• Custom ad display feature for partners in different sizes and colors
• Provides simple and easy-to-understand traffic stats
• Partners can display multiple ad un,its in a single page
• Partner support via phone or email,

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