Beautiful Liar

“Beautiful Liar”, the duet performed by Beyonce and Shakira was amazingly good without either of the megastars jostling for star power. They were able to accomplish the blending of their singing voices in such a harmonious way without either being the dominant voice.

Both singers have powerful, strong singing voices. They can fill the biggest arenas with their vocal ranges just by themselves. One would think that they’d completely overpower “Beautiful Liar” with both of their voices together but quite the opposite happened. They were able to contribute each of their strongest ranges to blend them into one fantastic piece of music. They kept it tightly controlled without overpowering either one of the other.

Unlike some other duets that have been attempted between two star powers, they’ve been able to come together without allowing their vanity or ego get in the way of business, which is to produce a breathtaking video and a song that definitely gets the message across about the strength of being female.

Watching the video of both of these beautiful women as they performed “Beautiful Liar” was amazing. To look at the two one would almost think they could be twins. That’s how similar they were in looks. Both are gorgeous women who work hard at keeping healthy and fit. It shows in their physiques. Their moves in the video were absolutely amazing. Even their hairstyles looked very much alike. Although the most fascinating aspect about watching this video was to see how well these women were able to work together. They are both confident strong women who know their abilities and aren’t worried about trying to prove themselves. They were able to give equal time to each other without any trying to push for star status. Their dance together was convincing and erotic without reaching the point of tackiness. The producers of the video were able to pull off a mix of hip hop with music from the Middle East which showcases the talents from each singer.

The song is about strong women who don’t need to depend on a man for her identity. Two women find out that their partner is cheating on them with the other. Instead of resorting to fighting over him like alley cats, they agree that he’s not worth their time. The song symbolizes their strength in realizing that it’s the guy who a cheater and not the other woman. The women decide to get together to laugh about how it was beautiful when it lasted but a man like that just isn’t worth fighting for if he can do such things to the women who love him.

This video is a real treat for men and women alike. The catchy beat and their lithe, sexy dance just provides an amazing entertaining video. This collaboration between Beyonce and Shakira was so successful that one hopes to see these two powerful singers back together in another duet sometime very soon. Grab the video when you get a chance and see for yourself how wonderfully these megastars have worked together to create this art.