The IP address is dedicated for a specific purpose such as, in communications a dedicated channel is a line reserved exclusively for one type of communication. The same is true for private line or leased line/s.

Security is very good with Dedicated IP’S. This is the reason ‘NOT’ Shared. The response time is ‘Much Faster.’

In a sense as well, downloading is Much Faster even if you don’t optimize your HTML when you publish your web site to the server. And anyone that downloads at all via computer.

In addition to the stated above, ‘Not’ all servers are used for the same specific purpose. Here are a few examples – Web Server, File Server, Mail Server, DNS Server, and Printing Server. The Operating System for the server/s can be all of the above or specifically for one type of Server and/or many different applications.

Although, some Servers otherwise are ‘Shared or General Servers.’

The Web Hosting Company or Service/s that host accounts may offer and include Dedicated IP/S with their SSL (Secure Layer Sockets) Certificates. The SSL’s are in different strengths (bits – like 128bits – 256bits) and can be renewed on an annual basis. The SSL/S is encryption for your security when you shop or login your information to your account/s.

How do you know if the web site is secure? The easiest way is to look for the Lock in your tray and make sure it is locked ‘Not’ unlocked. Here is another couple of way to make sure your information is secure. Look for this in your address bar https. And look for the SSL certificate located on the web page. You can click it for more information, such as validation dates and more general information for your security and authentication.

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