Get Fit Stay Fit

Your exercise program could benefit from the use of
treadmills. Using a treadmill provides a wonderful
cardiovascular workout for your heart, your lungs, and your
circulation. There low impact on your joints, which makes it
easier and less painful to workout.

Pregnant women will get an excellent workout. Its low
impact and cardiovascular nature it builds endurance
which will no doubt help during labor. The lower end
models are not expensive and treadmills are easy to use.
Using a treadmill could help you lose weight and even
body fat.

That they don’t take up a lot of space is a non-physical
benefit. There are some that could take up a whole room
almost but if space is the issue, than you can find manual
treadmills that fold and are powered by your movement
only. Talk to professionals and do your research to find out
which one might be appropriate for you.

Comparing different models is best. Do you know what
features you’re looking for on a treadmill? You should look
at certain things when you are comparing various models.
All you really want to do is workout so this can all be

The size of your machine can be affected by the type of
the motor. The most important things to look at are the
belt trackers. This is the type of movement of the belt and
the placement of the running belt as you work out. You
don’t want a belt that’s jerky you want it to move as
smoothly as possible over the rollers.

Have you seen the check out belts that move and then
jump and move again etc.? There can be more impact
than is necessary on your joints and injury can result if the
movement on your treadmill is like that. Something else to
look at is the length and the width of the belt.

A belt that is too short can cause you to ¡±run-off the end
of the belt. A narrow belt might not necessarily support
your stance. If possible try out the machine you want or
one that is very much like it. The type and percentage of
the incline will affect your joints and your workout.

As you progress, on most treadmills you can adjust the
incline to be as if you were climbing a steep hill. How fast
the belt moves should also be adjustable also. Do you
know what the minimum speed and maximum speed is?
This knowledge will help you plan your workout routine and
make it more effective.

Your treadmill console should a heart rate monitor as one
of its main features. If you know your resting heart rate and
your target heart rate which is the highest number you
can reach for maximum benefits from your workout, your
workout will be more beneficial. Your speed, your time and
your distance should also be displayed on the console.

Before you attempt to use your treadmill it is of the utmost
importance that you learn to properly use your treadmill.
The display on the control panel should be clear and easy
to read. Is the software program necessary to be able to
use the control panel?

A noisy treadmill is something you don’t want. There will
obviously be some noise but you don’t want it to be
overwhelming. What is the acceptable level of noise for
you? Is the belt thick enough? If a belt is too thin it could
wear out too soon, so you would want an appropriately
thick belt so it will last.

Stretching can occur with some belts. Checking to see
that your belt isn’t cracked anywhere or stretched, Make
sure the monitor is functioning properly. Consider the
weight of the machine. A few of the delivery companies
will bring your machine to your door but it’s up to you to
get it in the house and set it up.

The look of the machine is important because if it doesn’t
appeal to you, you will be less apt to use it. How easy will it
be to store it when you aren’t using it? Before you bring it
home, consider the probability that it will stay in the same
place when it’s not in use, then you need to decide if this is
ok with you.

Don’t put your treadmill near walls to prevent injury. You
should put it approximately eight feet away from walls,
ledges or windows. You should put the wires and the
power supply out of walking areas or it should be taped
down to prevent someone from tripping while getting off
the treadmill. There are a few tips about how to use your
new treadmill.

Before getting on the belt, straddle it and make sure it is
set at the proper speed. Your feet will follow your eyes so
keep them straight ahead. Staying in the center of the
belt will help prevent slips and falls.