Greenhouse Kits for Plant Enthusiasts

Greenhouses are used for cultivating different kinds of plants. From fruits, vegetables, flowers and other ornamental plants, these are now grown in greenhouses. A greenhouse uses the concept utilized by Earth to maintain heat inside. It is a structure which uses electromagnetic radiation to be able to capture heat and keep it inside to make the environment more conducive for plant cultivation.

Greenhouses are usually made up of plastic or glass materials. It heats up the plants by acting like a blanket for them. The warmed air is retained by the walls and the roof of the green house.

The plastic or glass used in greenhouse construction is specifically made to trap the energy into the greenhouse. The greenhouse prevents convection and thus prevents the heated air from escaping outside.

There are several requirements in effective plant cultivation in greenhouses as compared to plant cultivation outdoors. Special care is needed to be able to prevent pests and diseases from infesting the plants. The greenhouse’s temperature should also be monitored so as to give the plants the optimum conducive environment for their growth.

In this light, the right greenhouse supplies should be availed by interested cultivators. There are a lot of greenhouse kits available out there for people who would want to put up their own greenhouses for commercial plant cultivation or as a plain hobby.

Here are some of the available greenhouse kits that are out in the market:


These are greenhouse kits which are framed by fantastic redwood. They have polycarbonate insulations for covering the plants. Another good thing about the sunshine greenhouse kits is that they provide a lot of space because they have very tall frames (usually 10 feet tall). They are also very easy to install because the insulated polycarbonate insulations are already built into the frame. Their prices rage from a thousand dollars to around four thousand.

Cross Country

These are high quality greenhouses which have several modified options which are available. They are framed with aluminum which provides sturdy support for the greenhouse. They also come with doors with screened windows and an automatic ventilation system. They are priced from $2,500 to $30,000 dollars. They can be quite expensive but the price speaks of their quality.

Little Greenhouse

These are greenhouses which provide economy for people who would want to engage in plant cultivation. These kits come with structures which are protected from ultra-violet rays. They also include bench setup and an exhaust fan. They come with a PCV frame, a four millimeter polyethylene covering made up of plastic. They provide optimum environments for plant cultivation. These are recommended for beginners.


Juliana greenhouse kits are very popular for their rust-free frames which are made from aluminum and a poly-carbonate, twin-wall covering which provides cultivators with a long time of enjoyment at a very affordable price. There are many models under this kind of greenhouse kit. They come in very affordable prices- as low as 65 dollars.


These are very inexpensive greenhouse kits which are very easy to assemble and disassemble. They are recommended for seasonal gardening because one can easily put them up and store them away when they are no longer needed. They come with one of the most durable coverings which are made with plastic film. Their structures are made of steel. They also come in with a build-in door and a screened ventilation windows. They also have storage bags. They are available for the price of 300 dollars.

Hobby Gardener

These greenhouse kits are covered by original “snapglas” panels. These are panels which have the clarity that is offered by glass and the sturdiness and durability possessed by polycarbonate. They are also equipped with barn-like roof which provides more room for plants. They also include hinged-doors, hinged-roof and ventilated walls. They are priced at around a thousand to two thousand dollars.

There are many kinds of greenhouses for different kinds of enthusiasts out there. One must be keen in choosing the kit that suits his needs and preferences. Moreover, he must be able to know which greenhouse will provide the optimum environment for the growth of the plants which he will be cultivating.