How To Create Simple Face Painting Designs

Simple face painting designs are not hard. Many people think that in order to have a great face painting creation, they have to use complex designs, rather then simple face painting designs. This is a common mistake that many people make, because simple face painting designs create some of the best face painting designs. However, because of this thought that you have to be a great artist to be successful at face painting, many people do not even try to be a face painter. You do not have to be an artist to be a good face painter. Creating and copying simple face painting designs is very easy and can be done with absolutely no experience at all. In fact, there are many experienced face painters who still rely on simple face painting designs to create new designs to use in their work. There are many benefits to creating simple face painting designs, all of which can be done by any person with any level of artistic ability.

Simple face painting designs can be very simple things that can use as little as one or two colors. You can get a persons face and make a simple face painting design by coloring half of that persons face one color and the other half another color. You could even make it so that the design goes vertical, horizontal or diagonal. There are many face painters who do simple designs such as American flags, simply by using this two part technique, then add details to the two different base colors that are split on the face. Some face painters do simple things as painting a simple star, sun, moon, and other simple on shape designs that people love. Kids especially love simple face painting designs that can be done very easily with little effort at all. There are an endless number of simple face painting designs that use common shapes.

When looking at pictures you can create other types of simple face painting designs by recognizing the basic shapes that make that design. You can create simple face painting designs by looking at the shapes that form a design to see how all of those shapes together make that design possible. You can use these shapes to make the design, as resources to create your own designs which can result in such things as masks, simple face painting designs for cheek art, as well as transformation designs such as animals. Simple animals like a puppy can be done by painting a face white adding black to the nose, some black whiskers and a black spot around the eye. By looking at this simple suggestion, you can realize how easy it is to create simple face painting designs that still can look amazing.

Simple face painting designs are not complex and can be done by anyone. To make simple face painting designs, all it takes is some creativity along with some confidence. Any type of face painting creation has a underlying simple face painting design to it.