How to Measure Your Treadmill Belt for Replacement

To measure your treadmill belt for replacement do the following:

If your treadmill is not a major brand and it needs a new belt you may have to special order a belt. Following are instruction for making sure you get a good measurement.

Next to the motor the treadmill belt is the most important part of the treadmill. If it becomes frayed or starts to turn up on the sides then it is time to replace the belt.

The treadmill belt will also split at the seam. You should check the belt on a regular basis to ensure it is safe. If the belt wears thin it can ruin the deck, then you have the double expense of replacing the belt and deck.

There are many companies that sell replacement treadmill belts, and some of them will take special orders. But you must have the correct measurement so your belt will fit. Following is the directions to measure your belt.

1. Place a mark on the edge of the belt, then using a string or tape measure go completely around the belt to get the circumference. This needs to be as close as you can get it.

2. Measure the width of the belt.

Example 102″ X 15″

If your belt is so bad that you know it has to be replaced then cut it off and measure the entire length and width of the belt. If it is a very old belt please allow for stretching.

You can also set the rear roller about halfway of the adjusting screws then measure around the front and rear rollers for an accurate measurement. If you can not find a company that offers special order belts let me know.