How To Purchase Diamond As A Gift

Gift the women of your life a dazzling white diamond and see the gleam on her face. Worth it. Isn’t it? A diamond is rightly said a woman’s best friend. They are the most immortal thing present on the earth. Thus they become an ideal gift especially if you are celebrating a marked occasion.

Diamonds are discovered to be the most hardest substance in nature. It is only a diamond that can cut another diamond. But choosing a good piece for the diamond of your life is not easy. There are certain aspects that you should keep in mind before purchasing and gifting a diamond. A diamond is generally measured through the 3-C formula. These three Cs are Clarity and Color, Cut and Carat. The price of a diamond varies depending on the above mentioned factors.

Let us discuss these 3Cs in detail to give you the complete information:

1.Clarity and Color: The most expensive diamonds are colorless stones. But there still exist some amounts of color in almost all the diamonds, which is not visible through the naked eye. There are six groups in total under which they are graded. They are the D group that carries the most best type of diamonds and are rarely available. In the E category of diamonds only a small trace of color can be seen. The other categories are F, G-H, which possess a less of color, I-J, K-J is the least expensive of all the diamonds as they have a hazy look on it.

2.Cut: In a diamond, a cut is a very important thing as it is responsible for its brilliance. Diamonds are available in raw form, they are cut accurately and then polished to bring them in a state of brilliance. Cutting of diamonds is a science. Only people equipped with this technology can do it. The value of a diamond is brought out in its cuts. Proper cut manifolds the value of a diamond whereas a very brilliant diamond can also be doomed with a bad cut.

Cutting can be performed with deep, shallow or with perfect length. These different types of cuts have significance attached to it. In a deep cut the light escapes from all the sides. Because of this the diamond looks dull and darker. And if the cut is too shallow the light is reflected generally in the lower parts of the diamond, making it to loose its luster.

3.Carat: While buying a diamond this is the most important thing that you should keep in mind. A carat in simple terms is the mass of a diamond. One carat can be comparable to 200 milligrams. The biggest diamond carries a carat size of 5 and the smallest of of 0.25.

Thus gifting a diamond jewelery is beyond the comparison of any other gift. You can gift diamonds in the form of various jeweleries like neck pieces, rings, bangles, bracelets, ear rings. Diamonds can be clubbed together or can be gifted as a solitaire, depending on your budget.