I Want Diamond Earrings

Earrings are an ornament for the ears worn on the ear lobe. They add beauty to the face of a woman or a young girl. They can be of gold, silver, white gold, or platinum. There are other materials like plastic and copper etc. used too. They add to the femininity of a woman. The metal a person uses depends on the capacity to buy.

These days, diamond earrings are in vogue and since they are expensive, they bring to mind class and sophistication. People even gift diamond earrings for weddings or other important occasions.

The belief is that the tradition of wearing earrings originated from the Egyptians. In the previous centuries, men also used to wear earrings and it was considered a sign of prosperity and high position. You would have seen several Indian kings with diamond earrings.

There are two types of diamond earrings that exist. One is where you need to pierce a hole in the ear lobe to wear the earring and the other type just clutches the earlobe and doesn’t need piercing to be done. There are hanging earrings and studs. Hanging diamond earrings are those that hang below the earlobe and studs are those that stick to the earlobe and do not shake or move.

Diamond earrings come in all shapes and sizes too, including hanging and studs. There are long hanging earrings with one diamond at the end and these exude simple elegance and can be worn for regular occasions, and they can be worn to work too.

Diamond earrings are available with several diamonds or combined with other gems like ruby, turquoise, emerald, sapphire, topaz, etc. These can be set in anything from gold to platinum. The best part about a diamond is that it goes well with any metal and with any other gemstone.

The price of diamond earrings varies depending on the size, weight, metal used, gemstones used in combination, and quality of the diamonds used. When shopping for diamond earrings, it would do good to understand the 4 Cs of diamond classification, cut, clarity, color, and caret weight. Understand what they mean and how to check if the diamond is genuine or not.

There are so many varieties out there and if you do not plan your budget beforehand, it gets very difficult to choose. Decide on the amount of money you are going to spend on the diamond earrings and go ahead do your research. Make sure to look for certification of the diamonds before buying.

Diamond earrings sparkling on your ear lobes makes even the simplest of outfit look grand and your