Landice Treadmill Mystery Solved

Moshi Moshi!

I had planned to do a detailed review of the Landice L7 Executive treadmill today, but Mrs. Sensei has laid down the law and I only have a few minutes to post a review on this fine July 4th holiday — the DOJO itself is empty and all of the other senseis are off work and at home enjoying their families. Look for the full review tomorrow, but for today enjoy a quick rundown of the differences between the numerous models of Landice treadmills out on the market.

If you’vee spent time looking at Landice treadmills then you’ve probably noticed they have a large number of units available and the differences between them aren’t always as obvious as they should be. Here is a guide to comparing the different models, full commercial and light commercial.

At each level (L7, L8 and L9), the only difference between a Pro Sports Trainer, a Cardio Trainer and an Executive trainer is going to be the console. The Landice Pro Sports Trainer Treadmill has the lowest end, basic display, and the Landice Executive treadmills have the highest end (really spiffy, if you ask me) displays. The difference in the consoles is very obvious upon viewing.

The differences of each Landice treadmill level (L7, L8 and L9) is going to be the size of the rollers and the length of the deck. The higher the number, the heaver and larger the rollers and the longer the treadmill deck.

The LTD versus the Club style is an easy one as well. LTD means the unit is light commercial and Club means the unit is full commercial — meaning it is rated to run for a higher number of hours per week (full commercial usually means 100+ hours of use per week). The LTDs come in 110v and the Clubs in 220v or 110v. If you’re using a Landice Club treadmill in your home, make sure to request 110v or you may not be able to run it properly.

And there you go, the mystery of the Landice treadmills is solved!

-The Treadmill Sensei