New Diamond Vodka Is a Cut Above the Rest

You’ve seen vodka made with vanilla, raspberry and even pepper. But for those with caviar tastes, one company has introduced a new twist: diamonds.

New to the premium vodka category is DIAKA (an acronym for “diamond vodka”), which is imported from Poland and filtered with actual diamonds.

“Vodka constitutes the largest segment of the U.S. liquor market, and high-end vodka continues to grow at a blistering pace,” said Rudy N. Vogel, chief executive officer and founder of New York-based TransBorder Marketing Inc., the company that created DIAKA.

Vogel says the vodka’s special filtration process will entice consumers to try DIAKA and ultimately keep them coming back for more.

This patented “Double Diamond Filtration Process” uses nearly 100 diamonds up to 1 carat in size. The diamonds are housed in a large glass tube into which the vodka flows. Through centrifugal force, the diamonds swirl through the tube and actually “cut” the molecules of the vodka.

The vodka then passes through the bottom of the tube, wherein lies a comb filter encased with tiny diamond chips. This two-step process enhances the smoothness, clarity and palate of the vodka, yielding an end-product that so far is unavailable anywhere else in the world, according to Vogel.

“We are poised to take the ultra premium vodka category to a new level of taste and sophistication,” Vogel said.