Questions You Have to Ask Before Jumping on the Plane to Meet Her

You have met your true love online. Is she for real?

The entire world is desperate to find the real love. As the popular songs sounds, ‘All You Need is Love’. It is true: to love and to be loved is probably the most important thing in our life. But what to do if you are not sure – is it Love with a capital “L” or just another temporary flirt?

Doubting if the person you are with is the right one for you is a normal thing especially if you have meet that person through online dating sites and you never have meet her face to face.

But there are some things to consider, especially if she is miles away from you that can help you make up your mind if that person is worth to spend your money and time with.

1. For how long do you known her?

If you just met her – forget about that plane ticket for the moment. 🙂

If there are less than 4-6 months since you two have met, your love can be just an illusion. Wait until you know each other better and talk online or on the phone as much as you can to get some trust and comfort in the relationship.

2. What do you talk about?

I am sure that you like to stick to sweet love talk but how she reacts if you are asking her about her family, her friends? Does she gives you details or didn’t want you to know too much about them? You can find out more about her if you know how her friends and family are. You can even talk with her friends online and try to know them this way. But if she don’t tell you too much about people around her, this fact have to make you suspicious about this lady. Is she embarrassed to talk about you in front of her friends or does she have something to hide to you?

3. Do you find her attractive?

Does love depends on sex? IÆm sure you already know the answer. Yes it does. How can be love be complete without the mornings you are waking up in your lover’s arms after a hot passionate night?

So if you talk about HER to YOUR friends all the time and you are already dreaming about her and you didn’t even touched her is a good point, this relationship can have a future, a good one 🙂

4. Do you think, honestly, that she likes you?

You can ask for an outside opinion to your best friend or test her. Yes I know that is unfair but everything is fair in love and war. Doesn’t it? So ask her to do some things for you. But what she can do if she is miles away from you, you’ll ask. A lot of things:
– read a book than talk about that book to see how carefully she read it;
– make some photo especially for you… in special places;
– buy a CD with some music you like; etc
When you are asking her these things you have to be careful not to ask something too expensive, or something what she couldn’t do even she want to. But be specific about the things you are asking and ask it in a polite way. If you see that she is trying as hard as she can to do what you are asking her then she is yours 🙂

It means that she appreciates you and is curios about what you like, and she is interested in you.

5. If she would win a large sum of money, what would she do with it?

Just ask her. You have all the chances to be surprised by the answers. 🙂

It could be: buy new designer clothes, buying everything for herself and/or her purse dog, probably give the money to charity, and quit her job mid-shift. You can discover a lot about a person from the answers to this question. But if somewhere in the answer is your name involved you can smile – she is thinking about you like you are there in here daily life.

6. Do you have a lot in common?

Maybe she is hot and you like her, but a long term relationship involve more than sex. You know that, donÆt you?

So what hobbies do you have in common, where do you both enjoy going in vacations or weekends? What passions you have those are interesting for her too?

These are some important things to consider when you are thinking to spend a little fortune on a plane ticket.

7. Is she the best you can get?

Don’t compromise! We compromise in love because we are so desperate to be loved. But compromising does not lead to feeling loved.

Finding real love has nothing to do with chance, looks, location, or timing. Finding your perfect love-mate has to do with your thinking, your qualities, your affirmations, your spirituality, and your commitment to being with a woman who can love you as equally as you will love her.

So if you considered this few issues and you still are eager to meet her face to face, buy that ticket, it could change your life.