Safety Cautions When Doing Face Paintings

Face paintings are not only a fun pass time as well as a great opportunity to start a business or make extra money, but it is also something that requires safety. Like anything else, when doing face paintings for fun or work, you have a responsibility to take some safety precautions to not make your face paintings pose a safety hazard to anyone. Many people who do face paintings do not realize the safety steps that are not only used in selecting paints, but also in other materials that you can use in doing face paintings. You must also know how to properly clean your tolls that you use to create face paintings and things you need to do to protect yourself form some possible problems. Here is a quick reference to these safety tips to help you create a safe environment when doing face paintings.

There are many types of paints to use in face paintings, but not all of them are safe. The only types paints you want to use in your face paintings are skin safe paints. It does not matter if it says natural, non-toxic, chemical free, or any other reference to being chemical safe. Chemical safe does not mean that the paint was designed or tested for skin use.

If you use any types of glitter, then you need to use only FDA approved glitter for cosmetic purposes. This type of glitter fits the safety and types of substances that are safe to use for the face.

When you clean your brushes and any other equipment that you use for your face paintings, only use water to clean them. If you use chemical agents, then there could still be residue left from the chemical that can pose a safety hazard when using it the next time.

One very important tip when doing face paintings is to not paint on anyone who has sensitive skin, has abrasions or injuries to the face, or who even has acne problems that can turn into open wounds. These types of skin situations can lead to some serious repercussions. To be safe, it is better to not take a risk and avoid doing face paintings in these types of situations.

The most important aspect of face painting is to protect yourself. Always make sure that you have your body in a comfortable position at all times. Many people do not realize that you can seriously sustain an injury from doing face paintings. This can happen due to continually keeping your body in different positions, as well as bending your body, arms, wrists and hands back and forth. Always be sure to make sure that your body is not becoming to tense and be sure to to some small stretching breaks to relieve your bodies tension.

By following these safety precautions when doing face paintings, you will not only have a safer environment, but you will also have less problems when doing face paintings. These simple face painting tips will protect you and the people you do face paintings on.