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All you need to get going is 1 Simple Secret that gets you started towards achieving your goals…

Small business Owners – Can you see what you want?
Too many business owners just can’t see it…
Do you see what happens to a business owner when they don’t know what they want?
You wonder where they see the business going? Who is there anywhere that can lead them forward if they can’t see where they want to go.

As a business consultant I have found that secret!!

If you knew a very, very simple secret would you use it? I just bet you would…

Here it is! …See your business picture…

You must be able to see your very own business picture.

You need to know what your business, your life looks like to you. How else do you know what you want or if in fact you actually get to where you want to go???? How will you know when you get there?

We all do it – consciously and sub consciously – we visualise, we create that picture in our minds. Anything you have ever really wanted you could actually see it clearly in your mind, before you got it. That’s what drove you to getting it. Part of knowing what you want is being able to see what you want.

If you can’t see it, you can’t reach for it….its so, so important to create that business picture. Sit there quietly, close your eyes and look for it. Create it if you haven’t already.

Everything that you do is a product of what you see – like it or not. If you don’t see it you will be flat, without purpose and scattered. When the going gets a bit tough as it surely will at times, search your mind for your very own success picture and keep it in focus. It’s a great pick-me-up. But more than that – you have something to reach for. If your picture is somewhat blurred – tidy it up, make it smart and desirable.

Ask any successful business owner to tell you about their PICTURE, and they can and will tell you.

In business it is called VISION – this is the very first step on your pathway to success.

1 Simple Secret – Make your picture a beautiful one

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