The Ugly Truth About Exercise Equipment

You have probably all seen the various fitness equipment commercials. The claims made in these commercials tend to stretch credibility to the limit. You are invited to “Get the perfect abs in 10 minutes a day” or even ” Have a sculpted body in no time.” Each machine claims to use cutting edge technology with the express purpose to get you in shape and lose pounds with a minimal effort. Oh boy! If it was only that simple.

We all desire to look great and feel healthy but you have to put some work in. This usually takes the form of a vigorous exercise schedule combined with a properly balanced diet. In order to lose weight and achieve a well toned body you will have to burn calories on a regularly basis. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out.

There is a plethora of fitness equipment on the market and most are just fads which are fashionable for a few months then disappear never to see the light of day again. There is, however, one that is still a major player, and that is the treadmill. Torso Track, Total Gym 1000/2000, Ab Sculptor, Ab Rockers, Ab Doers, Slam Man, Thighmasters, Toning System, Door Gym, Orbitrek are the latest thing one day and then forgotten the next.

You may ask yourself why you never see treadmills sold on infomercials? The reason is simple. It is because it is not a high profit, hyped up, exercise gadget, which is more the product of clever marketing than a serious piece of exercise equipment. Most infomercial equipment is designed for just one purpose, to make as much money as soon as possible before people discover that they don’t work. Most of the price of this equipment is used in order to market it.

So who would possibly want to buy this stuff? Usually it is people who mistakenly believe that there are shortcuts to weight loss and getting in shape. Achieving your fitness goals requires that you put in some work and the results will not happen over night. No machine is going to produce the results you desire without commitment from yourself.

Have you ever seen any infomercial equipment at a health club? No, because they don’t work and they’re not built to last. What you will see, however, are a number of treadmills, often with people waiting their turn to use them.

It really boils down to this. Getting fit is really the prodcut of two things – time and effort. The more time and effort you put into exercising the more calories you are going to burn and the more weight you will lose. If you are looking for fitness equipment that will maximize your efforts, then a Treadmill is the obvious choice.