Treadmills and the Basics of Purchasing

For a long time treadmills have been a popular way for people to exercise in their homes. People use them to lose weight, get in shape and maintain a certain fitness level. It is very common to find someone with a treadmill in their home. If you are looking for a great piece of equipment to use when in your home, you should look into a treadmill. When you have your own treadmill at home, you can get exercise from walking or running even if you can not go outside. But if you want to get a treadmill and you want to start a treadmill routine, you need to be sure you do it safely and stay healthy. Be sure to take on a good program and to choose your treadmill carefully because it can be an expensive investment.

Before you purchase a treadmill you need to know what features to look for to be sure you are getting the best one for you and your needs. Some things to look for are:

Motors: Motorized treadmills have inbuilt motors that make the belt and life operate. Motor treadmills also let you raise and lower the incline easier. You can change the pace of your workout how you see it best for you.

Horsepower: The horsepower is the measure of the treadmill’s motor. If it has a continuous horsepower it is how well it works continuously without lagging. The peak horsepower is how much power it can get for a quick burst.

Incline: The incline is used to mimic the natural human style of walking or running. Manual incline lets you change it yourself by speeding up your pace. A power incline lets you adjust the incline while you are walking or running.

Belts and Decks: A thicker belt gives you more cushion for your legs and joints. Short belts give you a faster pace and some people prefer these.

Speed: When you think of a treadmill, you often think of the speed. Most go from 0 to 10 MPH.

Computer Controls: Treadmills all have some type of computer control to keep them going. Many have odometers and speedometers and some even have pre-programmed workouts.