Treadmills For Health And Life

It’s not always practical to go outside to jog or walk. Maybe you live in the big city or maybe it’s winter and you can’t really enjoy the outdoors. That’s where exercise treadmills come in. Treadmills allow you the freedom to simulate walking and jogging without having to actually go anywhere. Simply put, exercise treadmills have a conveyor belt which moves antagonistically to the user’s direction of horizontal movement. Okay, that may not have been simple. Essentially, the belt on treadmills moves in the opposite direction that you do.

Exercise treadmills have been heavily endorsed by most health experts since walking is considered one of the best cardiovascular workouts possible. We all know that combining a good workout plan with a good eating plan is the best way to lose weight and stay fit. Exercise treadmills help you do that in any weather, on your terms. The speed of the treadmills can be adjusted to suit your capabilities so you won’t injure yourself.

There are two basic types of exercise treadmills: manual treadmills and electric treadmills. In manually operated treadmills, you act as the engine. The belt only moves when you’re actually walking on it, so the faster you go the faster it goes. Electric exercise treadmills tend to be a little more polished. The speed of the belt can be adjusted by speed controls so you can set it to any speed you’re comfortable with. These treadmills also tend to have more sophisticated displays and can usually monitor your heart rate. This is especially important for people who have heart conditions but also need to keep fit.

Of course, you have to pay for these extras and electric exercise treadmills can cost as much as ten times the amount of manual treadmills. The actual price of the treadmills depends on their level of quality and durability. Another factor is how smart the treadmills are. You read right. Today’s high end treadmills actually have the ability to change their speed to match your pace, without you having to adjust anything.

Unfortunately, exercise treadmills are excessively boring since there’s no change in scenery. And they take up a fair amount of space in your home. Plus, you need to make sure small children can’t get on the treadmills so they don’t hurt themselves. Still, exercise treadmills are growing in popularity. There’s not a quality gym that doesn’t boast at least three treadmills these days. Treadmills really are a great way to shed those few extra pounds or just keep in shape, especially if you’ve got some music on.