What causes Acne and how to control them

Acne begins in puberty, but it does not always end there. Every teenager, if examined closely enough will show some of the effects of acne with some being mild, others more severe. The major hormone causing changes in teenagers is androgen. Under its influence, the sebaceous glands produce more and more sebum (oil). This leads, then, to oily skin and a change in skin flora. There is an increase in the bacteria that cause acne as well as a type of fungus. All these contribute to the development of blockages at the oil gland openings known as comedones. Such blockages cause blackheads and whiteheads – and acne when there is infection of the skin’s pores.

Acne should not be viewed as something that comes with puberty. It has lasting effects on the skin, like scarring, and should be treated. A gentle skin cleansing without using cleansers that over-dry skin should be established. Addition to that a supplement such as Acuzine should be taken to have a fast and effective acne cure inside out.

In adults, acne could be a carryover from adolescence, occupational (exposure to chemicals or other skin irritants in the workplace), drug induced (some medications exacerbate acne) or cosmetic acne. There are also other factors that may contribute to acne besides family history such as frequent use of thick make-up, frequent activities under hot and humid conditions and contact with oily substances.

There is nothing much that we can do about genetics but surely we can do something about lifestyle factors to prevent acne. Using thick, oily creams also may lead to breakouts too. People with acne should use products that are formulated for people with oily skin.

Stress is another common aggravating factor for acne. Lack of sleep is a form of stress in itself too. And for women, the menstrual cycle can trigger off acne too. But whatever your stage in life with acne, if the acne cream or lotion show no sign of clearing up, then get Acuzine. Acuzine is rate no.1 acne treatment product with guaranteed results. It works for adults or teenagers suffering from facial or body acne. This is a natural acne treatment formula with no side effect and highly recommended by dermatologists. Fast and effective acne cure from inside out.

Treating acne at the start of the problem is easier than dealing with the scars.