What Supplies Are Needed for Face Painting

The art of face painting can be a relative low-cost venture. Amateurs and professionals alike can enjoy face painting either for profit or simply to entertain their own children. Should you decide to give it a try, there are books available for beginners for as low as $13. If you prefer a hands-on approach to learning, a safe bet would be to begin with a kit. Adventurous moms can find face painting supplies as close as their make-up pouches.

Most supplies for face painting include water based paints for easy removal. The problem sometimes with the face paint is the quality of the product. Hot weather can be an enemy as the perspiration can ruin the artwork or cause the person being painted to perspire while you are trying to apply the paint.

Serious painters will find the need to invest in the proper, good quality brushes. Detail brushes are sold as low as $3 each. A brush can make a big difference in the finished quality of your work. If you purchase a cheap brush with an end that is too big or frays or scatters easily, you could be sorely disappointed in the outcome and having to fight the brush to get the effect you desire.

Theme sets are a popular choice for face painting. Used especially at Halloween, these are sold with instructions to achieve whole face outcomes. A person can enjoy becoming like a lion, monster, pirate, mermaid, ghost, cat, mouse, favorite cartoon character, and much more. Parent will want to be sure their child is of the right maturity level to sit still long enough for the paint to be applied start to finish.

If you don’t want the full face effect, don’t worry. Smaller designs can be added to enhance the effect of your costume. Some stores sell rubber stamps in their supplies for face painting. The stamps are created with a deeper impression and simple designs to make fill-in work quick and easy. They have foam backing for easier use. The cost is about $8 USD each and the size is 2 inches by 2 inches.

Some face painting kits are sold for as little as $4 a kit. These would be fine for children to use for play or for beginning artists to use just for practice or fun. They provide a low-cost option for charity events, such as school fundraisers or church functions where the overhead must be kept low. Some kits are sold with 6 face paint pencils, a sharpener, sponge, and white face paint for a base color.

For the more advanced artists, stencils are sold at prices ranging from $35 to $85; including a video. These are used with airbrushing, which has become a more popular form of face painting. Glitter gels and stick-on jewelry can be added to accent your artwork.

When choosing face painting supplies, you may want to include paper, pencil, and markers to give yourself a starting point for ideas. You also could buy a piece of poster board or cardstock to show your available choices for purchase when setting up your booth. Maybe you’ll want to invest in a carry-all, chair, and small folding table as well.