What you Get from Lean to Greenhouses

Greenhouses nowadays seem to vary in their styles and sizes. He may find large and small greenhouses in environmentally oriented communities. A person can also spend more money to improve his greenhouse.

Most of the time greenhouses come in rectangular forms, rounded and most are attached to the house. The size of the greenhouse does not matter as long it is comfortably built with the allotted space for its place.

A greenhouse can be freestanding or attached to the house. Many also call those greenhouses attached to the house as lean-to greenhouses. These types of greenhouses are very popular to many gardeners who patronize greenhouse gardening. A gardener may build a lean-to greenhouse or a freestanding greenhouse in his own backyard. However, they are different in the aspect of their structure.

A freestanding greenhouse is an independent structure built away from his house. The need to have a main source of heating systems and watering systems are very essential in this type of greenhouse. It may also require its own electricity to power the lights and automated systems on the greenhouse.

Freestanding greenhouses may require a person to spend more money considering the many expenses and high cost materials to build a freestanding greenhouse. On the other hand, a lean-to greenhouse is literally defined to be a greenhouse attached directly to a person’s house. It has the advantages of saving more space to a person’s lot and all greenhouse systems are directly supplied on his house.

He may get instant water, and heating from the lights supplied directly by the electricity of his house. It has also its advantage to preserve the landscape of the property because the allotted space should only require a small portion of the landscape.

Finding a site for a freestanding greenhouse requires many considerations. The site should be constructed with proper shelter and covering. He may also add shadings for hotter climates.

A shade is needed simply because there could be periods where there are warmer months and overheating can be encountered in the greenhouse. The risks of having over exposed plants will be disastrous to a freestanding greenhouse that has no proper sheltering and roofing. It is a wonder why most greenhouses used and constructed are popular for having such disadvantages.

The advantages of constructing lean-to greenhouses, which are commonly seen as attached to a house or a building gives the person the advantage of having enough time to attend to his plants anytime he wants to. The support of the lean-to greenhouse depends on the structure where it is attached. In many cases, they are connected to the walls structure.

He must remember that he must not alter or destroy the style of his house. He may match the style and design of his home to his lean-to greenhouse. He may construct it in his preferred size. The important thing is that the greenhouse should have easy access to the supplies and materials the plants need in order to grow and be maintained.

The most recommended size for lean-to greenhouses structure is an 8 x 12 foot measurement. The roofing should not be higher and wider to the house roofing. He may place a weather resistant wooden covering so that the wall attached to the house will cover the attachment and connection to the greenhouse.

He may also place a ledger wooden board using long screws and he must check if the connection is waterproof. To ensure that no water will flow on the wall connection, he may use flashing glues. It is important to place the lean-to greenhouse on the south wall of the house to ensure more exposure to sunlight. He may choose the option of having the wall vertically proportional or slightly inclined depending on how much sunlight he wants for his plants.

Every greenhouse should be used to its full potential and capability to grow and maintain the plants. He should consider all the factors that can affect the result of his greenhouse gardening. It may not matter on the type of greenhouse he wants to construct, the important thing is that he should always keep in mind his pleasure and fulfillment to grow the plants and maintain the structures and supplies on his greenhouse.