How to Get a Book Published: Common Questions Asked

Are you looking to get a book that you wrote published? Whether that book is a romance novel, a science fiction novel, a children’s book, or a book from another genre, there is a good chance that you have a number of questions. This is most commonly the case with new or unpublished authors. For your convenience, a few common questions that writers who are looking to get a book published have and their answers are highlighted below.

Question: Is it easy to get a book published?

Answer: Not always. Of course, it is possible to get your book published, but did you know that most writers receive only rejection letters? With that being said, even if you do receive a rejection letter or even multiple letters for that matter, it is important not to give up. Many of the most well-known and successful authors today did not give up, even after many received multiple rejections. It takes time and trial and error to find the publisher that is the perfect fit for you and your book.

Question: How much money can I make?

As for determining how much money you can make when getting your book published, you will find that it honestly all depends. There are a number of varied factors that you will want to take into consideration. These factors include the publisher in question, the genre of your book, and its length. Typically speaking, books that are longer in length are likely more valuable and well-known publishers are more likely to make more money. Your experience may also have an impact on what you receive.

Question: Do I need to have a literary agent?

It is no secret that literally agents are recommended. When researching tips on how to get a book published online, you will see a large number of individuals recommending that you use the professional assistance of a literary agent. Yes, there are many publishers who only work with authors who have agents, but many others do not have this requirement. If you cannot afford the cost of an agent, consider getting your book published on your own first. If you cannot, then consider hiring a literary agent to assist you.

Question: How do I find book publishers?

When it comes to finding book publishers, you will find that you have a number of different options. One of the easiest approaches to take is with the purchase of the Writer’s Market guide or another similar resource. These books typically sell for less than $20 each. They detail publishers for you in specific genres, outline what they are looking for, what requirements each publishers have, and so forth.

In addition to purchasing the Writer’s Market book or another similar resource, you can also use the internet to your advantage. Some websites highlight publishers that accept manuscripts, but you will find that best success by visiting the websites of each publisher. They should outline detailed information, much like what you would find in printed guides for writers.

Question: What are my chances of being published?

As with the amount of money you can make with a published book, you will find that your chances of getting your book published all depend on a number of factors. First, it is important to look at how many publishers you are approaching. The more publishers you approach, the better your chances are. It is also important to note that the Writer’s Market books detail for you on average how many books a publisher puts out each year. This can also help to give you a good idea as to what your chances of being published are.

The above mentioned questions are just a few of the many questions that many new authors have about getting a book published. As a quick recap, be sure to do the proper amount of research first, in terms of publishers, never assume that you will make a certain amount of money until an offer arrives, and do not give up even if your book is rejected by a number of publishers.