How to Get a Book Published: Helpful Tips

Did you just finish writing a book that you would like to see published? If so, you may be looking for some guidance, especially if you are a new, unpublished author. Below a list of helpful tips on how to get a book published are outlined below.

It is important to never make any concrete assumptions. For example, do not assume that your book will be published, but also don’t assume that it will be rejected either. Also, never make assumptions where money is concerned. Do not expect to be paid at all or even a certain amount until you receive a solid offer from a book publisher. It is important to remember that you are taking a risk, especially if you are unpublished author. Unless you are a published author or if you are a new author who has unlimited financial resources, do not quit your day job right away.

Next, it is important to be prepared for rejections. This is different from the above mentioned tip of not making any assumptions, like that your book will automatically fail or be denied by all publishers. It is more than possible to get a book published, but it often takes time and trial and error, especially for new authors. This means that you should get use to the fact that rejection is common. Don’t expect it, but don’t feel heartbroken or completely give up if and when a rejection letter arrives in the mail.

Another helpful tip involves not assuming that you need to have a literary agent, especially right away. Yes, literary agents do improve most writers’ chances of getting published through a major publisher, but there is no written rule stating that you do need to use a literary agent. Many publishers still accept unsolicited book manuscripts. As an important note, should you decide to use a literary agent, be sure to use your best judgment. Examine fees, get feedback from past and current clients, and so forth.

In keeping with hiring a professional literary agent, if you are unsure about using the services of one, try your hand at not doing so first. The Writer’s Market book, other similar guides, and research online can tell you what publishers accept books from authors without agents. If you receive multiple rejection letters then consider hiring an editor, as well as a literary agent.

As it was previously stated, the Writer’s Market books, other similar printed resources, and the internet can help you examine publishers. Be sure to read all information that is provided to you. This will prevent you from making many common mistakes. For example, some publishers only allow you to submit one book manuscript to them at a time or submitting your manuscript to multiple publishers at the same time may be advised against. You may also find publishers that only accept book manicurist certain months of the year. With the possibility of so many rules and restrictions, research is advised.

In keeping with what is expected of you and your documents, examine any formatting guidelines that may be imposed. There is noting worse that submitting a manuscript that does not follow clear cut directions. Be sure to include a cover letter, as well as self-addressed stamped return envelope, unless a publisher outright states that one is not required. Also, never send your original documents. Even if your manuscript is saved on your computer, be sure to always keep backups, in both printed and disc formats.

The above mentioned tips are just a few of the many things that you will want to keep in mind when looking to get your book published. As a reminder, it is not always easy to get a book published, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow your dream. If you have a book written, go ahead and start submitting it to publishers. You have nothing to lose by doing so.