Stationary Bikes Are Great

Scientific studies have shown a direct correlation between physical environment and fitness level. It’s something to keep in mind when planning where and how to use your new stationary bike. You may have already given up on the great outdoors for your cardio workout but have decided correctly that those with quick access to parks, trails, sidewalks and nice weather have an easier and more satisfying workout.

That does not mean that those who have opted for stationary bikes are to be short changed on the esthetic value of their workout time. If upon a careful stationary bikes reviews you decide to make that purchase, make similar choices about the placement and use times for that home exercise equipment. People often are so excited about the new equipment that they forget that the repetitive activity can become boring and enthusiasm soon fizzles.

Keeping that in mind, it becomes paramount to take measures from day one to facilitate the entertainment value of time spent on the stationary bikes. Consider things like other household members and their use of the space that you’ve chosen. If your quarters are limited the dining room, then dinner time may be the worst time to use the stationary bike. If you have chosen to work out in the morning maybe headphones with an extra long cord will let you watch the stock market reports while others sleep.

Consider the physical environment carefully. Are you relegated to a dank basement at exercise time? Take the time to brighten the area. A little paint and posters that inspire you can go a long way. Favorite music or videos can make the time spent on the stationary bikes the best part of the day. Without such careful planning the time spent that you used on a stationary bike review might have been as well spent for other purposes.