Stationary Bikes Improve Muscle Tone

Although the personal trainer at the fitness club will say differently it is imperative to note that even low intensity workout on the stationary bike will produce health benefits and be less likely to produce injury. The inactive population is often led to believe that there must be sore muscles and a lot of agony associated with the daily workout but not so!

Part of the reason to exercise regularly has only glancing relation to improved muscle tone and cardiovascular improvement. Much of the reason has to do with stress reduction and improved range of motion. Flexibility and balance can be improved and maintained as well. In fact there is only one real rule to keep in mind when exercising. That is simply that you didn’t get out of shape over night and it is probably best not to try to get in shape over night.

The good news though on this topic is that measurable aerobic improvement can be obtained in about one month after beginning any aerobic activity. Think of it. Almost no other self-improvement project can be successful in so short a time as an aerobic fitness program. It is nearly instant gratification when compared to body building for instance. To achieve the competitive well defined muscles required of this sport takes approximately two years of four to six hours per day. Much of that is painful by the way.

Stationary bikes can be successfully incorporated into the more demanding athletic workout. It can provide valuable cross training benefits to any athlete. For most it is used as a stand alone workout. Few of us has the time to in a fully evolved regular workout. At least for a consistent matter it becomes a luxury.

But if cross training , weight training and triathlon are words that don’t apply to one’s fitness level don’t despair. It may be time to start stationary bikes reviews. Exercise can be fun and beneficial.